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Definition and Examples of Vocal Fry (or Creaky Voice)

In speech, the term vocal fry refers to  a low, scratchy sound that occupies the vocal range below modal voice (the most commonly used vocal register in speech and singing). Also known as vocal fry register, creaky voice, pulse register, laryngealization, glottal rattle, and glottal fry.   Linguist Susan J. Behrens describes vocal fry as a type of phonation (vocal fold vibration) whereby the vocal folds start to slow down and beat irregularly before closing, toward the end of an utterance. This behavior causes a  rough voice quality, a lowered  voice pitch, and sometimes a slower rate of speech. All contribute to make a speakers voice sound creaky or raspy (Understanding Language Use in the Classroom,  2014). Examples and Observations Creaky voice involves a raspy quality of voice produced by reducing the amount of air passing through the vocal cords, which results in a non-pure or non-clear tone. It . . . carries a pragmatic meaning, often signalling the end of a turn, and is associated with younger female speech . . ..(Sandra Clarke, Newfoundland and Labrador English. Edinburgh University Press, 2010)Is your little princess sounding more like a frog? Speaking in a croaky voice, officially called vocal fry, has become normal among young women, new research published in the Journal of Voice finds. (Say Whaaat as if youre suffering from a very sore throat and youve got the sound.) But regularly talking this way could cause long-term vocal cord damage. Which means these women could end up not saying much at all.  (Leslie Quander Wooldridge, Croak Addicts. AARP Magazine, April/May 2012) Vocal Wrongness? The most recent trend in vocal wrongness is called vocal fry. Vocal fry is created when someone slips into a lower tone, usually at the end of a sentence, and this tone has a fried or creaky quality. Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian are infamous for this way of speaking, but research indicates men tend to speak with this raspy flaw as well. And vocal fry is on the rise, with two-thirds of college students in one study displaying it. The problem with using it is it conveys a sense that youre not confident, or in some cases, sure of what you are saying.  (Lee Thornton, Youre Doing It Wrong!. Adams Media, 2012) Young Women and Vocal Fry A classic example of vocal fry, best described as a raspy or croaking sound injected (usually) at the end of a sentence, can be heard when Mae West says, Why don’t you come up sometime and see me, or, more recently on television, when Maya Rudolph mimics Maya Angelou on Saturday Night Live.[L]inguists ... cautioned against forming negative judgments.If women do something like uptalk or vocal fry, it’s immediately interpreted as insecure, emotional or even stupid, said Carmen Fought, a professor of linguistics at Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif. The truth is this: Young women take linguistic features and use them as power tools for building relationships. ... It’s generally pretty well known that if you identify a sound change in progress, then young people will be leading old people, said Mark Liberman, a linguist at the University of Pennsylvania, and women tend to be maybe half a generation ahead of males on average. ... So what does the use of vocal fry denote? Like uptalk, women use it for a variety of purposes. Ikuko Patricia Yuasa, a lecturer in linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, called it a natural result of women’s lowering their voices to sound more authoritative.It can also be used to communicate disinterest, something teenage girls are notoriously fond of doing.(Douglas Quenqua, They’re, Like, Way Ahead of the Linguistic Currrrve. The New York Times, February 27, 2012) Vocal Fry and Meaning [V]oice quality changes contribute to meaning at many ... linguistic levels. Creaky voice (or vocal fry) often signals prominence within a sentence, the presence of linguistic boundaries like ends of sentences, or major changes of topic...  (Jody Kreiman and Diana Sidtis, Foundations of Voice Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Voice Production and Perception. Wiley-Blackwell, 2011) Creaky Voice Like breathy voice, creaky voice is also used as both a tool for age, gender, and social distinction, and for phonological contrast with some of the worlds languages.There is a minimum fundamental frequency below which modal voicing can no longer continue--usually about a quarter of a persons average speaking fundamental. At this point the nature of phonation changes and the speaker begins to use creaky voice, also known as laryngealization or vocal fry. The term stiff voice has also been applied to a variety of phenomena that partially resemble creaky voice. In creaky voice, the vocal folds are very shortened and slackened to maximize their mass per unit length, and the IA muscles are contracted to draw the arytenoid cartilages together. This action allows the vocal folds to stay together for a much longer part of the phonation cycle than in modal voicing . . ., only allowing a tiny burst of air to escape between long closure periods.  (Bryan Gick, Ian Wilson, and Donald Derrick, Articulatory Phonetics. Wiley-Blackwell, 2012) The Great Unnamed [W]e have no shared public language through which to speak about the voice or sound, in contrast to the wide vocabulary that weve developed for visual images. Sounds are still part of the great unnamed. Back in 1833 the American physician, James Rush, tried to identify different kinds of voices--whispering, natural, falsetto, orotund, harsh, rough, smooth, full, thin, slender. By the 1970s phoneticians hadnt moved much beyond Rush in naming different types of voice. The terms they had come up with--like whispery voice, harsh voice, creaky voice, tense or lax voice--were never taken up by the public. Neither was more specialist terminology, like vocal fry, jitter, or shimmer, words which anyway have no agreed definition. Were in a state of terminological disarray, and few of us are able to describe the voice in words that arent either impressionistic or ambiguous.  (Anne Karpf, The Human Voice: The Story of a Remarkable Talent. Bloomsbury, 2006)

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Character Analysis Of Beowulf - 1128 Words

â€Å"Good† Makes Good Evil, Makes â€Å"Good† Good? How do evil people become evil? Do they one day just wake up and decide to start terrorizing people? Typically not. Acts of evil, like an infection, are contagious. Evilness comes from traumatic and humiliating experiences, or even misunderstandings with the â€Å"good† people. The â€Å"good† people referring to the average mix of people, the athletes, the overachievers, the mean people, the bystanders, the regular people, and the hero. In Beowulf, there’s much more backstory to Grendel and why he is portrayed as, and most possibly has become, evil. Grendel’s character is similar to the characters Jinenji, Magneto, and the Grinch, during the different stages of his life before he is slain. That is not†¦show more content†¦They go ahead anyway and even try to burn his home down. In relation to Beowulf, one of Grendel’s encounters with humans before his reign of terror was Hr othgar killing his father for taking fish, something other than â€Å"human flesh† that the family survived on; a necessity. He has no understanding or compassion to humans as Jinenji did, because he was not raised by one, but born by the statistic of an encounter with one as a demon. Any other encounter with a human must have met a similar fate as Jinenji’s, just as the people sent the beautiful and also supernatural Beowulf after him because of his monster-like appearance. After witnessing his mother’s death at the hands of Nazis, Magneto dedicates his life to avenging her. Along the way he’s introduced to Professor X and the good natured pack of mutants who just want world peace and happiness. Despite formerly being close familiars with Professor X, they part ways as enemies when Professor X supports the coexistence of mutants and humankind working together. To Magneto, a Holocaust survivor who had seen and felt directly the worst ways humans can treat those they see as different, that kind of system was impractical and he instead preferred an aggressiveShow MoreRelatedBeowulf Character Analysis885 Words   |  4 Pagesanalyzing and reading the text in Beowulf, I realized that Beowulf himself is a leader and a hero in the text also he plays a big role as the protagonist being a hero for saving his kingdom against monsters and mortal enemies but exactly how does it make him a greater hero than the average hero? In the text Beowulf’s uncle which is Hygelac was said to be a great ruler and it is evident that this is Beowulf’s role model and hero and as the story goes on. As a character Beowulf encounters with great monstersRead MoreBeowulf Character Analysis942 Words   |  4 PagesThe Great Motivator (An analysis of Beowulf’s Motivations) Are everyones motivations to become a hero pure? This question can be hard to answer depending on the hero. Spidermans motivations for saving an innocent child were pure, but what about people suffering from hero syndrome? A syndrome, that has become a recent phenomenon. This syndrome makes people seek heroism or recognition by creating desperate situations that they resolve in order to become a hero. As common as this syndrome is todayRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of Beowulf900 Words   |  4 PagesThe main character in the epic poem â€Å"Beowulf† is Beowulf. An epic hero is one that has superhuman qualities and who beholds values of his society and is braver than life. â€Å"Epics are stories told on a grand scale, with armies, heroes, gods, and the brutal forces of nature depicted over long character arcs and sweeping landscapes.† (Rebecca Ray 1) Beowulf is a selfless warrior that puts the kingdom of Herot first and tries to rid evil for the people. Beowulf wanted to help his kingdom. The evilRead MoreBeowulf Character Analysis999 Words   |  4 PagesMost teachers emphasize that a well-written character in a story should be deep, believable, and human, with flaws and personality. Then, say that Beowulf, a poem about a man who is as deep as a sheet of paper, is a masterpiece. While the poem Beowulf is one of the most important and influential pieces of literature in the world, Beowulf himself is a poorly written character when compared to characters of today’s standards. Beowulf is originally a Scandinavian story from a period before written recordsRead MoreBeowulf Character Analysis801 Words   |  4 PagesBeowulf is an ancient English poem that tells the tale of a young, brave warrior and the victories he obtains throughout his lifetime, up until his death. He is widely regarded as a hero throughout the lands and honorably puts his life on the line multiple times. Throughout the poem, Beowulf’s reasoning for being a hero changes. He begins his journey wanting to be a protector of people, a savior of humankind, but as the poem progresses, there is a distinct change in motivation for Beowulf, becomingRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of Beowulf1990 Words   |  8 Pagesto evolve different aspects of our lives. In Beowulf, our epic hero, Beowulf, experiences a significant change of character; he begins as a humble warrior, and develops into a well-respected and powerful king. However, previous kings, such as King Hrothgar, rose to the throne due to their noble statuses in addition to the standardized succession of power in early British history. The stark contrast between these two notable kings remains that Beowulf first played the role as a valuable and principleRead MoreBeowulf And Hamlet Character Analysis1224 Words   |  5 PagesWhen lining the characters Beowulf and Hamlet side by side many will not see the parallels of these characters instead, only the differences. At a first glance, we see Beowulf, the powerful warrior who died whilst defeating three gruesome monsters, then Hamlet, the problematic and fearful prince who died trying to fulfill a foolish act of hatred. Ultimately, we view them as hero Read MoreBeowulf And Hamlet Character Analysis1228 Words   |  5 PagesWhen lining the characters Beowulf and Hamlet side by side many will not see the parallels of these characters instead, only the differences. At a first glance, we see Beowulf, the strong warrior who died whilst defeating three gruesome monsters, then Hamlet, the awkward and fearful prince who died trying to fulfill a foolish act of hatred. Ultimately, we view them as hero and anti-hero. However, we must not judge each character on who they are at the surface. Instead, we must see and understandRead MoreThe Odyssey And Beowulf : Character Analysis1642 Words   |  7 Pagesway to clearly mark certain behaviors as poor social etiquette. Through the use of extreme behavior that identifies a character as immoral, other behaviors that are exhibited are reinforced as distasteful and frowned upon by the society and culture. Without explicitly stating the rules, people are shown the correct and incorrect behaviors. Within The Odyssey and Beowulf, two characters clearly violate social norms by invading spaces that no one invited them into. The suitors and Grendel both demonstrateRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero765 Words   |  4 Pagesthe central figure who has superior qualities and risks personal danger to pursue a quest. Beowulf is a great epic hero because he performs many brave deeds such as risking his life for the greater good of society, and is significant and glorified by all people. Beowulf boasts and boasts about all of his great doings, but in the end he proves to everyone that h e is as great as he claims to be. First, Beowulf shows that he will do anything for the fame, glory, and the greater good of society. He risks

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The Importance Of A Being Without Faults Essay - 2233 Words

Intro: Perfection. The idea of a being without faults has always been a goal for humanity, and for the longest time, the goal has seemed like nothing more than an unattainable dream. However, with the recent advances in technology and engineering, the dream may be closer than we think. Genetic engineering has become a powerful advancement in today’s technology-based world. Today’s scientists and engineers have begun work on methods to manipulate the DNA of a person in order to, in a way, â€Å"customize† the traits and characteristics of a human. This is admittedly, a huge step forward for engineering. However, the issue now rests with whether or not we should be committing such an act. What are the benefits of such engineering? Is it ethical to manipulate the DNA of an unborn child? And what are the repercussions that may arise from such advanced technology and engineering? As with any issue, a variety of views exist on both sides of the argument. These are the issues that are explored in the face of humanity’s possible first step towards perfection. Background: Nowadays, with our continuous advancements in technology and engineering, the idea of genetic modifications is no mystery. A well known example of genetic engineering is found in the very food that we eat. We know this as genetically modified organisms or GMO’s as noted in Matthew Liao’s research paper titled, â€Å"Selecting Children: The Ethics of Reproductive Genetic Engineering.† However, GMO’s have been placed underShow MoreRelatedMarriage Should Not Be A Sacred Thing1341 Words   |  6 PagesDivorce has become way to common; we need to reestablish the sacredness of marriage and the importance of family. There are two types of divorces, a no fault and an at fault. No fault divorces mean that the person filing does not have to prove fault on their spouse. States still require a reason for divorces so the most common reasons are there are too many differences and the marriage is not repairable. An at fault divorce is most common and this is when a spouse is filing for divorce because of infidelityRead MoreWater Supply As A Critical Infrastructure1475 Words   |  6 PagesOne of the basic elements required to sustain life is water. Water is of extreme importance as the body cannot go without water for more than a few days. Therefore, the supply of water is a paramount concern amongst society. The availability of water is not the only concern. Another factor is the purity of the water supply. Imagine the catastrophic sequence of events if the water supply for a region were to be contaminated with Ebola or any plethora of deadly viruses. Following such a tragedyRead MoreEssay The F ault in Our Stars by John Green1722 Words   |  7 Pages In John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, cancer possess every character in distinctive ways, yet this isn’t the standard cancer book, because according to the protagonist, â€Å"cancer books suck† (Green 3). Or as Gwynne Ellen Ash views the novel as a, â€Å"learning to trust, and to love, while dying [†¦] there is no sap here, no melodrama, no maudlin schmaltz.† This is about being able to cope with existence. It’s the full human experience—filled with the lightheartedness of life and the darkness of cancerRead MoreThe San Andreas Fault and Its Role in Plate Tectonics and Earthquake Prediction1720 Words   |  7 PagesThe San Andreas Fault and its role in Plate Tectonics and Earthquake Prediction The San Andreas Fault is one of the most widely studied faults in the world. Scientists use an array of methods in collecting data and providing analysis of fault characteristics both past and present. Presently there are many differing hypothesis and models used to describe crustal movements and deformation within the Pacific and North American plate boundary. Historical earthquakes along this fault have proven to beRead MoreSatire Of Being Earnest And Jane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1533 Words   |  7 Pagesorganized religion and a rigid class system. Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice use satire to reveal faults in these elements of society. Many of Wilde’s criticisms of society are provoked by his closeted homosexuality. He portrays religion as a restricting, meaningless convention and depicts the aristocratic class as a hypocritical and unempathetic lot. Austen similarly finds faults in these areas of soci ety, but her opinions stem from her experiencesRead MoreFirewall And The Security Levels1172 Words   |  5 PagesThe modern world is being automated in all fields in various aspects. Automation is achieved by the software development and this result in a faster work accomplishment and also in an easy, efficient way. Meanwhile, this progress has also got proportionate threat of misusing the software. As the internet has extended its roots providing access to various networks and also may provide access to inappropriate users. So, it is necessary to protect these networks and this purpose is served by networkRead MoreThe Glass Castle Essay853 Words   |  4 PagesJeannette Walls reveals the faults of parenting through the use of symbolism , imagery and characterization. Rosemary and Rex’s Struggles to show their children (Jeannette, Lori, Brian) the importance of the appearance and guidance of being by their side as a parent. Jeannette and Rex show their faults by destroying everything the children try to accomplish because of their personal bad habits. Again the danger of parenting is depicted through walls’ use of symbolism. Jeannette being a child (three yearsRead MoreThe United States958 Words   |  4 Pagesother method than said jury system. The laws written in Congress based on the principles of our Democracy are worth precious little without the execution of it for and by the very people they’re written to protect. Despite this, juries have also come onto criticism due to their potentially substantial faults, which it would be foolish to not address directly. Many find fault in the jury system, citing it as an unfortunate byproduct in an overly litigious society, however most of these arguments haveRead MoreOffice Equipment Written Answers Essay1451 Words   |  6 Pagespaying employees.   printers and copiers to bulk create documents in the least expensive way possible. Hole punches to allow paperwork to be placed in binders or small folders easily.   Answering machines to pick up missed calls.  Post it notes to add importance to voice mail.  Servers to allow multiple computers to access the same data.   1.2 Describe their different features and what they can be used for? Computers: Email, Word processing, internet, databases, file storage – Computers can beRead MoreIs It Time For Move Away From Fault Based Divorce?1499 Words   |  6 PagesIS IT TIME TO MOVE AWAY FROM FAULT BASED DIVORCE? The Current Divorce law The Office of National Statistics reveals that in 2012 divorce rates in England and Wales fell from 119, 589 (2010) to 117,558 (2011). Under section 3 of The Matrimonial Causes Act (TMCA) 1973, a divorce petition cannot be given until a one year period (starting on the marriage date) has been completed. In any circumstances this rule cannot be waived. However a spouse can rely on incidents such as behavior (violence/severe

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Essay about Reunion Short Story and Father - 1199 Words

How we see each other The stories I am going to write about are â€Å"Reunion† by John Cheever from 1962 and â€Å"Living with strangers† by Siri Hustvedt from 2002 . These stories are short stories. The one I am going to focus on the most is â€Å"Reunion† by John Cheever. This is the short story which I am going to analyze, and I am going to draw parallels with â€Å"Living with strangers†. â€Å"Reunion† is about a son that is waiting for his father in Grand Central Station. His father comes to take him out for lunch. He has not seen his father in 3 years - since his mother divorced him. The father really wanted to take the son up to his club. But the club was in the Sixties. The son and his father go to 4 different restaurants, where they either get no†¦show more content†¦The last time he saw his dad was at that 90 minute meeting they had. The father lives in New York. We do not get a name on this man. He is a man with a good job, because it was his secretary that told Charlie that he would meet him at the station. He has been divorced for 3 years and had not seen his son since. He was a big, good-looking man. He smelled like rich compound whiskey and after-shave lotion, shoe polish, woolens and as a mature male. He had a club in the Sixties, where he always went. This could have a slight sense that he is addicted to alcohol. He knows how to speak Italian, French and German, because the restaurant they went to, he could speak their languages. He talks to people in a way so that it will make him higher in level than they are. He wants to show off in front of Charlie, so that he would not think that he is nothing. This short story takes place in New York. It first takes place at Grand Central Station where Charlie is waiting on his father. His father came at twelve o’clock sharp. After this meeting they start to go out into the city to grab some lunch. They only have 90 minutes and therefore they stand at Grand Central Station quickly again. The father purchases a newspaper for Charlie at a newsstand. The short story’s composition is built up as they go along. It starts out where Charlie begins to tell us about why he is there and what he is going to do. Then Charlie tells us a bit of information about his father andShow MoreRelatedSalvation versus Reunion740 Words   |  3 PagesLangston Hughes and â€Å"Reunion† by John Cheever are two short stories, both written by acclaimed authors, describing a life changing experience each author had at a young age. It may seem like both stories are completely different in every aspect. However, after analyzing both stories, it becomes apparent that they have plenty in common. Both stories are similar in terms of motifs and the use of dialogue, yet they contrast when it comes to the tone of each story. First, both short stories have two similarRead MoreReunion - Fame or Family?1440 Words   |  6 PagesEssay and e-mail - Reunion A. An essay analyzing the short story This essay is going to be an analysis and interpretation of the short story ‘’Reunion’’ by John Cheever. It will begin with a summary of the short story. Afterwards the plot, the conflict and the setting will be analyzed. Then I’ll move on to the characterization, the possible surprise ending and the theme and message. Finally I will draw parallels between the short story ‘’Reunion’’ and the essay ‘’Living With Strangers’’ by SiriRead MoreLiterary Analysis : A Literary Analysis Of Essay1749 Words   |  7 PagesRindler English 101A 4th, October 2016 A Literary Analysis of Fatherhood There’s nothing more like it than a father and son relationship. Although it’s a different type of bond of friendship that you can ever have with anyone else; that helps you shape into the person that you are or becoming to be and you’ll never have to look up to anyone else but him. Although they’re some poor father and son relationships in our society that can affect anyone’s emotional heath, which can lead onto a major leadRead MoreThe Last Game vs. Reunion Contrast Essay1411 Words   |  6 PagesThe Last Game And Reunion Stories of Contrast What is a father? A father is someone who is more than just a person who created you. A father is a person who should be a mentor to you and helps guide you through life. What isnt a father is one who simply puts their children aside to live their own lives and have no part in their childrens life and growth. The stories I will be contrasting are The Last Game, by Jan Weiner and Reunion, by John Cheever. My first reason of contrastRead MoreThe, By Tobias Wolff And Reunion985 Words   |  4 PagesFamily Bonds Family reunions are meant to bring people closer, but at times can do the exact opposite and drive each other further away. Some us enjoy the company of others, the food, and the laughter shared with one another. As where others decide to stick to themselves and just wait till it’s all over. In the Short stories, â€Å"Powder† written by Tobias Wolff and â€Å"Reunion† by John Cheever Our main characters both learn something about their fathers and themselves. The short story â€Å"Power† by TobiasRead MoreFather Son Relationship in Reunion Essay809 Words   |  4 PagesFather-Son Relationship in Reunion As children we look up to our parents as role models, it is universal that we have the need to have them in our lives, to feel loved by them. They are the people who should be responsible for our upbringing and in molding the way we are to be as adults. The role of a parent is not just providing food and shelter but also providing a good example. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. There are parents who for one reason or another are not there forRead MoreJohn Cheevers Story Reunion: An Analysis1426 Words   |  6 PagesJohn Cheever Reunion To you, your father should be as a god; One that composd your beauties, yea, and one To whom you are but as a form in wax By him imprinted, and within his power To leave the figure or disfigure it. A Midsummer Nights Dream (1.1.50-4) John Cheevers short story Reunion examines the issue of inheritance between a father and his son. Not inheritance as in monetary matters, but as in character traits and personality. That is, Cheever asks the reader, to what extent is a sonRead MoreEssay on Reunion, an Analysis539 Words   |  3 Pagesexcited you cant keep a smile off your face. The short story by John Cheever reunion is about a son meeting his father for the first time in 3 years. The shortcomings of a person having preconceived notions of how a person has evolved can be traumatic. I too had a similar situation with an old friend from high school just recently. In the story Charlie looked so forward to seeing his father that he wrote to him asking to visit in a very short window of time of 11/2 hour during a layover.Read MoreThe Thought Of Losing A Family Member1209 Words   |  5 Pagesheartbreaking and spine-chilling. Back in the early 2000’s, in first grade I was a young seven year boy who had no worries in his life. The only worry I had was falling off my skateboard. It was early december of 2003 when my family decided to have a family reunion over the weekend. My parents were having doubts about driving to my uncles house in Garden Grove due to the weather, but nothing was going to stop them from seeing the people that we love because my parents have not seen most of our family in agesRead MoreLiterary Technique of â€Å"a Pair of Tickets† by Amy Tan724 Words   |  3 PagesThe short story A Pair of Tickets, authored by Amy Tan is a detailed analysis of issues that concern many people that are of a different descen t but that have been residents or migrated to another country for a long time. The story was written in such a way that if one does not take cognizance of interpretation of stories; one may not really gesticulate what the author is trying to portray. The story was about a young American student on a journey for the first time to China with a plan of reuniting

Analysis Essay Topics That Explain the Process of Doing Something at a Glance

Analysis Essay Topics That Explain the Process of Doing Something at a Glance The Basic Facts of Analysis Essay Topics That Explain the Process of Doing Something For starters you'll have to understand what a procedure and analysis actually means and then think of an appropriate topic for the essay. Make certain you select the best topic out of all process paper topics that you are able to think about. The process analysis essay topics are quite like that of expository essays topics in which a man is supposed to explain something for those readers in steps. If you would like to understand how to decide on a strong topic for your process analysis essay, don't forget to read the subsequent informative article which may be useful. In reality, based on the intricacy of the topic, it might be nearly impossible to explain clearly in essay form whatsoever. When selecting a topic, make sure that you select a process topic that you understand best. If you have the liberty of selecting your process essay topic, describing something you're acquainted with makes everything much simpler. The issue sets in in the event you aren't extended a topic. There are several more topic suggestions and totally free examples online. Once you own a topic you prefer, you can start outlining it to observe how well it will actually do the job. Just pick the category which suits you best and tackle because many topics as possible. Ultimately, it's important to select topics that one feels comfortable to write on so you can do justice to them. Topics can change depending on your majors. There are two forms of process essays. All the essays are written in an extremely inexpensive price with higher quality by the ten decades long skilled essay helpers. Analysis essays are known to be among the hardest to write. Overall, a process analysis essay is simple to write as long because you can communicate clearly and concisely to your readers and adhere to the fundamental guidelines. When you compose a process analysis essay what it is you are predicted to give is directions about. The instructions about how to write process essays should also end up being helpful for readers. There are various topics that one may use in writing process essays. An excellent parcel of dissertation never comprises the repetition of the words over and over in exactly the same chapter. Analysis Essay Topics That Explain the Process of Doing Something: No Longer a Mystery You could write a process analysis essay about ways to braid hair, but you might end up splitting hairs when it has to do with the process so as to flesh out a lengthy enough essay. The key issue is that the procedure is described in a logical order and in an obvious way. In the event the method lasts over two hours, don't write it is quick and doesn't take an excessive amount of moment. State what it is bound to achieve. For instance, there is a practice of the cooking meal. In the event the program can be suitably publicized, it should start to convince Americans that the benefits of private group of wealthy families. Some students fully realized the advantages of the system like I intended. You are able to also talk about the issues that arrive with having a football program. You can imagine a process analysis for a mechanism description set against a procedure of chronology and understandable sequence. The process essay explains stages in a sequence, which is the reason why transitional words should be used too. The conclusion should thoroughly describe the consequence of the process explained in the body paragraphs. There isn't much to say regarding the process essay outline because the structure repeats the actions necessary to finish a particular procedure. Creating an outline provides you with the opportunity to consider which steps are important and then set the steps in the right order. Every step along the procedure needs to be described clearly. Since it's a process, it's sequential and ought to be followed step by step. Each step explains the procedure in fantastic detail. The entire idea of constructing a process essay is to produce the reader understand a particular notion. The introduction is the initial area of the text exposed to the readers. At precisely the same time, process analysis essays are helpful to boost the analytical skills of the individual who's writing them. A process analysis essay denotes the kind of academic writing, which comprises a comprehensive description of the specific process in the form of the step-by-step guide.

Self Against Fate Essay Example For Students

Self Against Fate Essay In the epic poem, Beowulf, we discover a new way of looking at life. The poem, which was written by an unknown author, depicts life as a journey that is set out for you by God, one that is unchangeable and indefinite. Beowulf as a character is a marvelous person, however, not even he with all his power and might can change his destiny. We as people today base our lives around the same thoughts and ideas. No one knows when our last day will be to step foot on earth. Every second of every minute could be our last. We are sent to Earth by God with a purpose, and only we as individuals can determine that purpose after we have truly, fully lived. In the epic poem, Beowulf, Beowulf himself acts as the epic hero in defeating all evil to uphold the glory and safety of his people as fate would allow him with each struggle. Throughout the play, we find Beowulf constantly having to defend himself in the fight not only against three horrid monsters, but the fight against fate. Beowulf starts out the poem as a young man, full of pride and honor. As he ages, his wisdom and capabilities excel while his final destiny draws nearer. The slaughter he takes not only brutalizes him physically, but takes a mental toll on his life in terms of time. Physical and moral evil can be challenged and overcome, but the ultimate evil (perhaps at its extremity, age and death) cannot be avoided. Beowulf slays his antagonist and transcends his own death. By dying as he lived, he is a model for triumph in the last struggle every man must face. (Masterpieces, Line 105)After the final battle against the dragon, God calls Beowulf to the heavens above. Perhaps it was merely his time to go, or maybe he had fulfilled all the missions God had sent him for. Only God knows the answer to this, as Beowulf believed he was the deciding factor of every aspect of our life. Only he could expand our time here on earth and as Beowulf felt, He is under Gods protection. (Rollin, Page 3, Line 26). We are given this time, unknown, and undefeatable. Beowulf, as strong and mighty as he was, could not even defeat the cycle of life. Beowulf not only ages but dies. He is intensely aware of fate and almost pre-occupied with death. (Page 3, Line 51) Towards the end of the poem, after his final fight and mortal injury, Beowulfs life slips away through his acknowledgements, With these words I thank the King of Glory, the Eternal Lord, the Ruler, for all the treasure here before me, that in my lifetime I have been able to gain them for the Geats. And now that I have bartered my old life for this treasure hoard, you must serve and inspire our people. I will no longer be with you. Command the battle-warriors, after the funeral fire, to build a fine barrow overlooking the seas: let it tower high on Whaleness as a reminder to my people. (Holland, Line 1916)In one tone you hear a man ready to leave Earth and start his life in heaven. You hear a man proud of his life and satisfied with the time granted. In another, you hear a man full of sorrow and regret; a man not willing to leave behind his people completely. Beowulf speaks his final words and leaves his captivators knowing he may not be with the people he fought so hard for, but with the people he cared so much more deeply about those who stood beside him in battle and lost their lives in his respect. You are the last survivor or our family, the Waegmundings; fate has swept all my kinsmen, those courageous warriors, to their doom. 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We are reminded once again that fate goes ever as it must and the cycle of life is never ending. All good things must come to an end, and the end must start over with new aspirations and hopes. Though the warriors and people of the Geats mourned the lost of Beowulf, they knew that his spirit was indefinitely amongst them and that Beowulf would rest peacefully. Beowulf and his people were all deeply affected by fate. They suffered various emotions throughout the affects. It is a struggle that must be fought by each and every one of us. We are our own enemy for not defending our right to live. We must take each day and live it as if it is our last and embrace those around us with all the love and care we have for them. We should learn from Beowulf and fight for our God-given purpose. He lived life and dies exactly how he lived it. He was a strong leader and thought highly of by all. He did well amongst his people but not even his strength and almighty power could reclaim his life. Fate took Beowulf in the manner that is should have. His journeys were completed and he has fulfilled all that was set out for him.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Analysis of Sea Fever by John Masefield Essay Example For Students

Analysis of Sea Fever by John Masefield Essay John Masefields poem Sea Fever is a work of art that brings beauty to the English language through its use of rhythm, imagery and many complex figures of speech. The meter in Sea Fever follows the movement of the tall ship in rough water through its use of iambs and hard hitting spondees. Although written primarily in iambic meter, the meter in Sea Fever varies throughout the poem. The imagery in Sea Fever suggests an adventurous ocean that appeals to all five senses. Along with an adventurous ocean, Sea Fever also sets a mood of freedom through imagery of traveling gypsies. Perhaps, the most complex part of this poem is the use of personification and metaphor. These figures of speech go beyond the meter and imagery to compare life to a sea voyage and portray a strong longing for the sea. The two main themes of Sea Fever bring the reader closer to the sea and help the reader understand why the speaker must return to the sea. Sea Fever not only depicts a strong longing for the sea through its theme, but also through use of complex figures of speech, imagery, and meter. Sea Fever is an excellent example of varied meter which follows the actions of a tall ship through high seas and strong wind. Lines one and two contain the common iambic meter found throughout the poem. Sea Fever may be categorized as a sea chantey due to its iambic meter and natural rhythm which gives it a song like quality. This song like quality is created through the use of iambic meter and alliteration. For example, lines three and ten contain the repeated consonant sound of the letter w. In line three, the meter becomes spondaic through the use of strongly stressed syllables. These spondees suggest the repeated slapping of waves against the bow of the ship. As a result, John Masefield creates an image of powerful ocean swells. In addition to the meter suggesting the repeated slap of the waves, the wheels kick is a reference to the ships steering wheel spinning out of control. To further support the theory of the waves slapping against the bow, The wheels kick suggests that the tall ship is traversing very storm seas. Through the combining of iambic and spondaic meter, Sea Fever not only gains a magnificent rhythm, but gives clues into the location and movement of the tall ship. Perhaps, the most striking characteristic of Sea Fever is the remarkable imagery seen on each line throughout the poem. Images of a gray mist and a gray dawn breaking bring the poem to life by appealing to the senses. The powerful images bring the reader to the ocean and help the reader understand the strong longing the speaker has for the sea. Through the use of descriptive adjectives, the effectiveness of Masefields imagery is increased. Specifically, words such as whetted and flung help create a realistic picture of the sea. Images of a wild call and a  clear call that may not be denied describe a longing that is shared between the speaker and the ocean. Finally, images of alonely sea and a vagrant gypsy life bring a mood of freedom and independence to the poem. Through the use of vivid descriptions and strong images of the sea, Masefield helps the reader to understand why the speaker must return to the sea. Through the use of complex figures of speech, Sea Fever is transformed from an ordinary poem to a masterpiece. Masefield adds figures of speech such as, personification, to bring detailed descriptions of the ship and sea to the reader. .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 , .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 .postImageUrl , .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 , .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31:hover , .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31:visited , .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31:active { border:0!important; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31:active , .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31 .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u9d4806d053dc883a4e0b94d4f63aab31:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Important Places and Settings in Of Mice and Men EssayIn line four, the sea is personified when the waters surface is referred to as theseas face. In addition to personification, Masefield uses several similes and metaphors that increase the effectiveness of the already strong imagery. The simile the winds like a whetted knife, appeals to the senses and helps the reader feel the cold wind blowing. The similes and metaphors seen in Sea Fever are easily recognized, but their meanings and implications may be viewed as anything but shallow or irrelevant to the poetic style of Masefield. One example of a metaphor is in line nine when the speaker compares the vagrant gypsy life to the ocean. Sea Fever is dominated by implied metaphors comparing the speakers life to the sea. For example, the word trick in line ten implies that the speakers life has been like a sea voyage. The complex metaphors increase the emotional tone of Sea Fever and help the reader relate to the speakers passion for the sea. Through the use of figures of speech such as personification, simile and metaphor, the poem is enhanced by further development of the theme and the imagery. From the intensity of the speakers feelings, two themes are created that complement each other. First, a theme of longing for freedom and an adventurous ocean is developed. Although not the only theme, it is very recognizable and easily found after the initial reading of the poem. For example, this yearning for the sea can easily be seen in the refrain I must go down to the seas again. The title Sea Fever, shows the speakers hunger for an adventurous and free life. This hunger for life is also seen through references to the freedom of a sea gull and a whale in line ten. Equally important, Masefield uses strong metaphors to create a theme of life resembling a sea voyage. In line twelve, the speakers asks for a quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long tricks over. The speaker is implying that life is a long sea journey and is requesting a peaceful afterlife. These two themes work together to convey the speakers passionate feelings for the sea and help the reader to further understand the seas importance to the speaker. Sea Fever uses meter, imagery, and figures of speech so effectively that the reader is brought to the sea. The iambic and spondaic  meter along with alliteration give Sea Fever a natural rhythm that coincides with the movement of the sea. The refrain I must go down to the seas again is one of the many poetic devices used to show the strong longing the speaker has for the sea. Equally important, the dynamic imagery is seen practically on each line throughout the poem. The images in Sea Fever are strengthened through the use of figurative language. Masefield uses personification and similes to add vivid details of the wind, ship and sea. Perhaps, the most puzzling element of Sea Fever is the implied metaphors. Furthermore, the simple themes in Sea Fever, consist of the longing the speaker has for the sea and the comparison of life to a sea voyage. In conclusion, Sea Fever employs meter, imagery, and figurative language to help strengthen the themes and help the reader gain an understanding of the speakers desire to return to the sea.